Rosie to the Rescue

Rosie by Niya Christine. Copyright

#126/365 Paintings

There was a call — something Rosie heard from the insects under her large feet. The worms especially are very gossipy. Rosie is on her way to help a litter in distress. She hopes the parents are alive. But if not, she’ll find a way to bring the litter back. Sticks, hay, leaves… all great for making a bike basket. Rosie is a very focused rabbit. Especially when it comes to the little ones.


Project notes: This is interesting. In November, I wrote a children’s book titled “Restless Rosie” about a rabbit who gets into all kinds of trouble on adventures (she’s a bit bored being a rabbit). She travels with kangaroos and has many adventures… Anyway, I put that book and two others away for 2014 after I’ve created lots of paintings to practice. Well, she showed up anyway. I wasn’t aware of it until I saw the rosy cheek and the expression on her face. Yup, that’s her. This is the first painting of her. I’m even more excited about finishing the illustrations for this book.


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