Romantic Rabbits

Copyright. Niya Christine

#149/365 Paintings

Meet Caila (left) and Dakota (right). They couldn’t be more opposite personalities and yet they have been spooning like this for nearly 9 years. It’s rare to see them apart. Caila was the last in line of weekend dates. Dakota had been rejected by 6 females before she, in her Buddha bunny way… didn’t react to his drama. And this apparently charmed him so much he dove under her stomach, she licked his ears and the rest is history. She’s light and fluffy, is very protective of him and sleeps like truck driver. Snores too. He’s dense like hash browns and has a demanding, moody air. For years he guarded her sleep so that nothing would disturb her. He worships her. For that matter, I do too.

Romantic rabbits.


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