• WM Rine December 28, 2013  

    I like this one a lot. Well, because Rilke. And also, Rilke. But on top of that, the blue sky that drips, the inversions of black flowers and the cosmic tomato from which Rilke’s words are pouring forth. And also those little idea clouds that are not yet formed into words. At the end of a long year you are sliding into home oh-so-gracefully.

    • niya christine December 28, 2013  

      Will, I think you would be the perfect person to write the forward of my book. You have the precision and insight of visual / word language that simply rocks. Moves me every time. Luckily this next year is adding up lots of writing. So I do hope you pop in from time to time. I’m addicted! THANK YOU!!!!!

      • WM Rine December 29, 2013  

        Ain’t goin’ nowheres. I have season tickets to the cheering section. Lifetime season tickets, if I remember right.

  • Darrelyn Saloom December 28, 2013  

    Everything WM Rine wrote.

    It’s been wonderful finding a daily painting in my inbox.

    Thank you, Niya.

    • niya christine December 28, 2013  

      Darrelyn… it makes me happy to serve a bit pop to your day. Honored really! And I look forward to our exchanges in the new year. ; )