Redhead Loves the Rabbit

Niya Christine Painting. Copyright

#54/365 Paintings

Ah, what could be added? They are at home with one another. The rabbit? He’s open minded to a girlfriend with rubbery skin unlike what he’s accustomed to in his other (many) furry girlfriends. His instincts are happily retrained for such strange bond. And she couldn’t be happier with him all snug in her arms. He gets her to eat more vegetables and she shows him another side of ‘safe.’

Ah… what more could be added?

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  • WM Rine February 23, 2013  

    I love how everything flows from her half-hidden head, the gorgeous red hair flowing down and into the lovely greens and purples of her clothes which flow into what almost looks like a pink blanket at the bottom, or I imagine it that way. All that lovely, warm color flowing from her and surrounding him and showing him that other side of safe. It’s as if you’re seeing her intention to love him right burst from her in color and wrap him in warmth.

  • niya christine February 24, 2013  

    Beautiful WM. You’ve described the meaning of this painting SO accurately.