Red-tailed Hawk


#225/365 Paintings

I’m fascinated with these creatures, but keeping this one hidden in the dark – from bunnies who might feel slightly betrayed that I allowed the slightest amount of art on their fatal enemy. They are called the chicken hawk, but…

I tell the rabbits that it’s a redhead thing. They still snub the idea.


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  • Dave August 22, 2013   Reply →

    Right–keep watch!!
    Sorry you didn’t make it to Vermont.

    • niya christine August 22, 2013   Reply →

      Yes and yes. ; )

  • Laurel August 22, 2013   Reply →

    The red tail hawk actually isn’t a proverbial chicken hawk but despite that – this is one of the most spectacular paintings you have ever done!! Niya, I’d like to hug you! I have a painting in my hall by Robert Kuhlman, 1987, early founder of the SFran School of Modern Art that depicts a bird in a style akin to your wonderful painting — that painting is my icon and now this painting of yours should stand next to it. How may I order a print, m’dear?

    • niya christine August 22, 2013   Reply →

      Ahhh, wow, what an incredible comment, especially from a person as smart, witty, cultured and savvy as you! I’m not sure how to fix the Wikki that says the red tailed hawk is a chicken hawk, but I believe you completely. As for prints, here is all the information.

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