Red Poppies Abstract

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#78/365 Paintings

The decorative type florals series is over for now. Although, I do have a couple more in the works because I’m still learning some things, but have moved on this week to learning to paint on wood. Silly in a way how thrilled I get learning these things I never seemed to have the time to in the past. I still don’t, but am carving out the time anyway. Maybe that’s why it’s so special. Learning is an act of patience and love, I hope to always be in those waters. This painting actually isn’t a painting on wood. That’s coming a bit later this week as it’s all in process. So this is a commercial break. And do we ever tire of red poppies?

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  • Deborah Frangquist March 19, 2013   Reply →

    I always kind of want to lean in and look a poppy right in the eye, and now I can. This poppy isn’t shy at all.

  • Laurel March 19, 2013   Reply →

    Never ever forget to love poppies, they remind me of traveling in Spain and floating on top of fields of hot red delicious poppies…LOVE your quote today Niya, how important life and art are..

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