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Red Claw Press Anthology: Cover Art by Niya

Seek It: Writers and Artists Do Sleep is a collection of poems, stories, essays and artwork inspired by our conflicted relationship with sleep and the night. In the pages of Seek It, lovers find pleasure and pain, insomnia leads its many sufferers to get creative, exhausted new parents struggle through their days, a rural anaesthetist confesses his near misses, the dead make their presence felt, and a man who works the graveyard shift in a convenience store has a particularly tough night.


Seek It: Writers and Artists Do Sleep features the work of:

Amy Ash • Gillian E. Batcher • Deanna Benjamin • Susie Petersiel Berg • Karen Berry • Tanya Besedina • Ann Reisfeld Boutté • Matthew Brennan • Allan Briesmaster • Holly Briesmaster •Marysia Bucholc • Lauren Camp • Michael Chouinard • Robert Colman • Ginny Lowe Connors •Mlaz Corbier • Lynda Curnoe • Sion Dayson • Matthew Dexter • Kildare Dobbs • Liz Dolan •Theresa Donnelly• Susan G. Duncan • Melissa Ferguson • Kate Marshall Flaherty • Laurette Folk •Stan Galloway • Keith Garebian • yaqoob ghaznavi • Jack Granath • Dr. Sam Greenspan • David Groulx • Atar Hadari • Colin D. Halloran • Sterling Haynes • Owen Heitmann • Susan L. Helwig •Frances Hern • dee Hobsbawn-Smith • Lori A. Howe • Sheila Hassell Hughes • Marvyne Jenoff •Carolyn T. Johnson • Maggie Kast • Timothy Kercher • Monica Klement • Tricia Knoll • Donna Langevin • Diane Lefer • Jay Samuel Lefler • marilyn lemon • Anne Lévesque • Hayley Linfield •Nathan Alling Long • Anne Lukin • Jeanette Lynes • Dave Margoshes • Bruce Meyer • Nancy Anne Miller • kjmunro • Sharon Lask Munson • James B. Nicola • Loretta Obstfeld • Debbie Ouellet •Grace E. Paterson • Marilyn Gear Pilling • Mira Pinkus • Kristen Radtke • Patricia Smith Ranzoni•Stan Rogal • Kate Rogers • Lorelie Gerwing Sarauer • Susan Savage • Adam Jeffries Schwartz •Niya Sisk • Alice Slater •Joan-Dianne Smith • John Stocks • Marjorie S. Thomsen • Naomi Beth Wakan • Ran Walker • Carol Whittome • Christopher Woods • Eddy Yanofsky • Patricia Young •David Zieroth

Editors: Kim Aubrey • Elaine Batcher • K.D. Miller • Ruth Parker

Cover Art by Niya Christine

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