Rainbow of Love

Copyright. Niya Christine

#151/365 Paintings

I chuckle a bit when I see a gorgeous bunch of Rainbow Chard at the farmers market. I was one of those kids who didn’t like vegetables—at all! “It’s good for you, a rainbow of love,” one of my mother’s hippie friend’s said to me once. My answer was, “It’s very pretty” as I dumped my plate into the dog’s bowl when the adults weren’t looking (the dog didn’t eat it either). Anything related to the beet family seemed like eating dirt to me. Living with rabbits who treat chard like it’s crack cocaine has given me a few second thoughts about this beautiful vegetable. A subfamily to the beet, it’s very good for you. Especially your kidneys. Instant energy.  And, often used in Mediterranean cooking I just have to try this recipe—soonish. Rainbow Chard with Pine Nuts, Parmesan, and Basil.

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  • Dave June 1, 2013  

    Ahhhhhhh spring greens with glorious color.

  • wmrine June 1, 2013  

    I want to try that recipe, too. Especially if it will make me see such a riotous burst of color.

    I want to put this out in front of my house to chase away the persistent rain clouds, who don’t seem to be getting the right message from the sun that early spring is over.

    • niya christine June 2, 2013  

      I just got feedback from a subscriber who LOVES this recipe. She tried it. Now I need to try it. I’ll share! And I’ll bring my fierce bunnies to your town to scare away the rain clouds.

  • kathy June 1, 2013  

    OMG!!!! I want to live in this painting (with your bunnies and my dogs). Even for such a fantastic colorist as yourself, you outdid yourself with this one.

    The recipe sounds wonderful. I am now growing Rainbow Kale, developed as a cross between Lacinato (Dinosaur) kale and a red variety. We’ll have to try some when you are here this summer.

    I’m so glad I was one of your Mom’s hippie friends….that’s how I know you!

    • niya christine June 2, 2013  

      And you were the most interesting hippie friend as far as I’m concerned. ; )
      Yes, let’s live in the rainbow love world of kale, bunnies and dogs for a moment or two this summer!