Rabbit Strategies

Niya Christine. Copyright.

#132/365 Paintings

Looks like an eventful night ahead. The conversation might go something like this:

Rabbit #1 (left to right)”There might be a cat in there, but I think it’s worth the risk.”

Rabbit #3 “I’ll take on the cat. We can outsmart a silly ol’ high-minded cat.”

Rabbit #2 “That’s a lot of hay salad. Let’s go.”

Rabbit #4 “Do you think there are mice? Mice make a big deal out of nothing. They could get all squeaky and possessive.”

Rabbit #1 “Rat us out… you mean?”

Rabbit #4 “Very funny.”

Rabbit #3 “That will be our code word. RAT. Just in case any of us need help.”

Rabbit #2 “Good strategy.”


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  • Dave May 12, 2013  

    That’s our barn!!!
    A great place for the rabbits–they only need to put up with the scratching of the woodchucks below, but lots of new spring grass and sunshine. No mice or RATS!!

    • niya christine May 12, 2013  

      That IS your barn Dave. I remember it. These rabbits would have fun with the woodchucks. Tee hee…

  • kathy May 12, 2013  

    Milton Avery colors! Fantastic.

    • niya christine May 12, 2013  

      Kathy, thank you for reminding me of Milton Avery. I’ve wanted to explore for some time. I think I found a new artist to obsess over and study. Thank you.