Bunny in a Bicycle Basket and Carrots, Oh My!

Niya Christine. Copyright

#142/365 Paintings

It’s good to be safely tucked into a basket surrounded by the most intoxicating food a rabbit could ever think of. Our chocolate is their carrots. You add being carried by a bicycle — the caring owner peddling and you have rabbit nirvana.

As I think about this, it reminds me of a communication I received today from BunnyFeathers Rabbit Rescue. “Your paintings & stories really brighten up our lives. Sometimes animal rescue is depressing & we need levity & beauty to balance our lives.”  This got me thinking about safety for some and harshness for others—the daily realities. Both animals and people. And the people who dedicate their lives to making as many lives better as they can. How we rescue one another in small ways daily—uplift each other. There are thousands of ways. And the fight of cruelty for animals. For today’s painting, I just needed to pause on the image of the safe arrival of a rabbit in a bicycle basket surrounded by her favorite carrot cocktail saying, thank you.


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  • Barb May 22, 2013   Reply →

    I love your paintings. They give me such a smile everyday!!! I can’t wait to be able to get a couple when the $$ situation settles down.

    • niya christine May 22, 2013   Reply →

      I’m so glad Barbara. ; )

  • WM Rine May 22, 2013   Reply →

    I would put a basket on my mountain bike and plant carrots in the garden if I could take a rabbit for rides along our local lakes and down the trails that run on all our old railroad grades. What a nice companion a rabbit would make, even if she were so immersed in the carrots she didn’t notice all the trees and shrubs bursting out for spring.

    • niya christine May 22, 2013   Reply →

      I have just the rabbit for you. Some rabbits are very mellow and easy about it all. But I dunno railroad grades might bump the bunny right out of the basket. Rabbits have an attitude about Spring. Spring is a rabbit’s ubiquitous birthright.

  • Shelley Poston May 22, 2013   Reply →

    Thank YOU Niya! You are right. We do uplift each other daily in small and in profound ways. XO ==:8}

    • niya christine May 22, 2013   Reply →

      You are very welcome. And than you for your genuine-ness. And your good work.

  • Darrelyn Saloom May 22, 2013   Reply →

    I’ve been traveling and have missed my daily paintings. So nice to be home to catch up with the bunnies and bicycles.

    • niya christine May 22, 2013   Reply →

      Oh so good to have you back. I missed you, brilliant woman.

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