Rabbit Hole?

Niya Christine. Copyright

#147/365 Paintings

These rabbits recently lost their rabbit hole home to a flood. Luckily everyone survived due to their yogi talents of agility and flexibility. Today they are on a hunt for a new rabbit hole. They had been looking for hours and they are beginning to hallucinate. The lead rabbit is telling the others that the bike tire is a rabbit hole — the spokes, branches to cut through with their teeth. The other two aren’t quite sure how a rabbit hole can stand up straight like that. And they can see through it. A see-through rabbit hole is suspicious at best. They will study it a bit longer before risking further investigation.


Project notes: I painted on a migraine. I hope it is visually not as blurry as my head was. ; ) Have a great holiday.

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  • Dale Favier May 27, 2013  

    Wow. You can do work like that with a migraine? I’m in awe.

    • niya christine May 28, 2013  

      Just barely Dale. It hurt and I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m sure my stubbornness to beat the migraine added to it. Migraines are as powerful as thunderstorms but not as fun.

  • WM Rine May 28, 2013  

    Well, now I feel like a slug, because when I had a migraine a week ago I had trouble getting out more than incomprehensible fragments. I have to turn them into English still.

    I love the bicycle wheel in the foreground of this. It’s a beautiful shape, but it also dwarves the rabbits. It’s almost as if they’re not sure if that technology is going to help them find a hole, or if it’s part and parcel with the technology that’s sometimes flattening their warrens (or flooding them).

    This reminded me that rabbits are lucky that they naturally build tornado shelters. The ones in Moore, OK, have been probably been out helping with things they kept safely in their homes. Their homes are made perfectly for tornados, but not necessary the deluge of rain that often comes with them.

    • niya christine May 28, 2013  

      Oh no… not a slug. You probably have a more healthy reaction to having a migraine. You don’t try to beat it down with a thin stick (or paintbrush in my case).
      Yes those bunnies are not quite sure about technology at all. A strong critical and observant eye.. maybe we humans could follow suit on that thought.