Quirky, Watcher Birds


#246/365 Paintings

The red bird way up high,  she does think she sees everything. And, on most days she does. She sees the ocean, the pelicans, the rains coming, coffee goers coming out of Starbucks in the nearby town, sky bugs that we can’t see, beach lovers trying to hide from view. She’s ducked a few sky divers and southern flying birds bombing by little submarines. But there are things this little red watcher bird doesn’t see. Like the house bird who watches over the children and domestic affairs. He squaks wildly when mice threaten to eat the cookies. And he’s a beautiful addition to the decor.

What we see that she cannot is the penguin looking creature in the earth. Between earth and sea, he watches the seasons and directs the efforts of his crews for food gathering. He’s mastered the art of camouflage — look a fossil and they won’t notice you is his advice to the young penguins.

But then again, what about that cow?


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