Provence Fig Salad


#163/365 Paintings

I discovered Georgeanne Brennan when asked to interview her about her new book at the “A Pig in Provence” a wonderful little book about a big story. I recommend this book highly. You will learn so much. This painting is an interpretation of her photo series about her culinary retreats. She has some lovely recipes. Georgeanne’s world is one I would like to venture more into in the future. For now, I paint it.

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  • WM Rine June 13, 2013  

    I am one of those lame people who discovered figs in the Newton packaging and never quite loved them un-squished and sliced in half. I’m not generally picky, but that’s one where I have hit The Wall of Texture.

    But these figs are beckoning. Because of once loving Fig Newtons I don’t even know when figs are in season but something tells me I should go read Wikipedia right now and fight out when they’re in season and be ready. Because, these figs are singing a bright little song and I am starting to hear it, just a little.

  • kathy June 13, 2013  

    Hated fig Newtons, my only knowledge of figs. Now live with an immense 110 year old Black Mission fig tree that gives us figs in July and again in the fall (what the crows leave us anyway) I always have to cajole people to try them once to overcome their fig newton aversion, then they completely fall in love, straight off the tree. Stuff them with feta, wrap in prosciutto, and roast…indescribable.