Pretty Lil’ Angel Fish


#237/365 Paintings

Love the happy mistakes. This painting was headed for something else entirely until I saw the angel fish. I guess after 5 paintings of fish, it jumped out at me. Pun intended. ; )

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  • WM Rine August 31, 2013  

    This angel fish looks very ethereal. A wish of a fish. An idea of a fish. Then it started to look like Pig-Pen, from Charly Brown. A fish that swims in with a murky cloud around it. Maybe it lives in a slow, muddy, lazy summer river with quiet dark pools. Everything is slow but it’s almost September, almost time to get back to work. It flutters its fins in the water, ready to work busily upstream, and its rapid paddling stirs up the muddy water. It doesn’t care. It’s ready to get back on its journey and it’s got a lot of swimming to do.

  • niya christine August 31, 2013  

    Your comments could have been your 365 writing project. They are SO excellently creative and insightful. Always an honor to spark your imaginative writer mind.