Prayer Flags

Painting by Niya Christine

#63/365 Paintings

Prayer flags are strewn with the powers of pollinating all with the benefit of peace, compassion, strength and wisdom. I’m afraid my prayer flags got away from me and made the shape of a large fish-like cloud shape in the sky. Though my grandmother would be proud of my little salmon god and pass on the stories of my ancestors with glee. I have to admit my inaccuracies, since prayer flags do not carry prayers to the gods but a simple wind of good will to all. Silly spiritual capitalist, that salmon.


Project notes: Actually cleaned and organized my studio today. I don’t even want to tell you how long it’s been. But the result was nothing short of that drunk feeling you have when you eat warm chocolate cake with good coffee. Flowers tomorrow, yay!

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  • Tanja Sodenkamp November 14, 2013   Reply →

    Hello, I am interested in your painting “prayers flags”. Could I buy it? I come from Germany, so if it is possible, could you send me the picture? How much does the original cost? Best wishes!
    Tanja Sodenkamp

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