Portofino Italy


#279/365 Paintings

Oh you know how it is… you’re cruising around Portofino in your high leather boots, the smell of perfume, sausages cooking and the sea air making you dizzy. And then suddenly a wall of doors and a distressed poodle. So much possibility and responsibility all at once. Do you pet the doggie, walk into one of those inviting rooms, cool boots in step with curiosities? Or, perhaps another idea or decision that makes you a new story in your life in this scene. Because… after all, this is Italy and you are you, and the sea is just on the other side of these doors.

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  • Darrelyn Saloom October 15, 2013  


    • niya christine October 15, 2013  

      Hello Darrelyn.. and thank you so much for the oh-so positive comment. ; )