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Po’Bird illustrated children’s book is now available on Amazon!


Well this book was a whole lot of fun to make.

It’s took exactly a year. An illustration here and there, numerous re-writes and design rounds—but now, I’m rather fond of the little bird. I put him through more than any bird without wings should go through… but hopefully this makes the end of his story that much sweeter.

If you are interested in reading Po’Bird to your child or for yourself (it’s an all ages type of book) or if you just want a bit of color for your walls, you can find his story and adventures here…

Stay tuned for lots of Po’Bird fun in the future: The iPad, Kindle versions, a line of post cards and whatever else the birdie tells me to do.

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  • Elizabeth Hack on Mar 27, 2012 Reply

    CONGRATULATIONS! This is quite an accomplishment.

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