PO’BIRD A wingless bird determined to fly

Po’Bird is a children’s book with 24 full color illustrations.
When Po gets lost and cannot fly home, he becomes the most determined, wingless, naked, little bird you can imagine. Although his heart’s desire is to somehow get wings and fly home, life has other plans for him. He misadventures his way through a carnival of strange creatures, a cow that dances on squishy balls, a city where he finds a friend; a girl who takes him on skateboard rides and frequents a slice of rubber cake to watch sunsets. Finally, he finds himself home with a capital ‘H’ in the most unexpected way.

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……………….PRAISE FOR PO’BIRD…………………….


Zowie! My niece loves whimsical picture and story books, and I just know she’s going to love Po’Bird – can’t wait to read it to her, and show it to her.


Not only is this book a vivid, original, and flat out beautiful group of illustrations that reminded me of Marc Chagall, but the creator turns her brilliant talent for free form drawing into a palette that combines fluid color with the bold art noveau stylings of Peter Max — a near psychedelic delight that makes you happy every time you turn the page.

But it’s the story that really warms your heart — Sisk paints a portrait of a little wingless bird whose plight and storyline is fresh and so reminiscent of Dr. Seuss — a hero’s journey for an odd ball little bird who learns one of the most important lessons in life — how to be yourself and still fly.

I loved this book. I keep it at my bed stand and dip into it nightly, whenever I need a boost.

This one is a winner.

Peter Russell, UCLA Creative Writing Teacher



This book is a layered and textured, triumphant adventure that offers a new treasure every time I experience it. The visual landscapes are exquisite — not just beautiful, not just memorable, not just intriguing, but also emotionally alive and buoying. The journey is one of the heart, one of possibility, in which a very unusual bird discovers what it means to inhabit an unexpected body and live an unexpected life. We wander with Po’Bird through surprising, whimsical, deep and magical places where friends and challenges are held equally in grace. My three year old son spends time looking at the book when I’m not reading him the story (he may also want to live inside the pictures as I do), and asking meaningful questions about the longest cow tail and fish with hats! This book is a feast. Get ready to fill your cup again and again as you (no matter what age you are) are rewritten by its magic.

Sage Cohen, Poet, Teacher, Author of  “The Productive Writer”



My six year-old daughter loves this little book. Po’s adventures are episodic but all connected to his journey of being a wingless bird. His grounded life leads to new relationships he never would’ve had if he could fly. The illustrations are endlessly inventive and beautiful — my daughter pours over them. Highly recomended.

Gary Lundgren, Writer and Director of the film “Calvin Marshall”



Po’Bird makes me laugh, cry, and think big thoughts. The thing I love best about this intrepid wingless hero is his ability to pick himself up and keep going, no matter how bad things get. Wildly unexpected things happen along the way. This “Poor little bird” may not get exactly what he wished for, but in the end, he gets something even better. Even though Po’Bird’s story is delightfully fantastical, isn’t this the way “real” life is, too? This fast-paced tale is a feast for the imagination and the heart, with breathtaking illustrations and a techni-color cast of engaging characters: hat-wearing animals, a purple dog surfing a yellow cloud, a grumpy rabbit cooking a suspicious stew, a bee tapping red shoes, and more. Po’Bird is a treat for children, including, of course, adult children of all ages!

Lyssa Anolik, Writer, Teacher, Poet



This beautifully illustrated tale follows the journey of a bird who’s life would appear at first to be doomed. However, by following his heart, salvation, companionship and a new sense of inner worth is found in a ‘chance’ encounter. This book is delightful for adults and children of all ages. A visual treat!

Andrew Morrison, CEO of Strawbale.com


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