Parisian Fish


#307/365 Paintings

What’s the difference between a fish born and raised in Paris vs. the States?

… Ahem! Well, here’s the short list:

  • They are popular to eat and milk it for what it’s worth. They make you earn any interaction with them.
  • They cuss in all languages. Paris is a a highly traffic’d International center. They’ve heard it all. They pick stuff up quickly.
  • They are as amorous as the French without the ego. They take ‘pretty’ for granted. They are admired and sought after by all brands of fish and gender.
  • They spit on you before you kill them to eat them.
  • They are picky about what you feed them. They know a good meal.
  • They love their mothers like a religion.

Well, that’s the short list. The long list would drive you bananas, so I’ll spare you.

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  • WM Rine November 13, 2013   Reply →

    It’s funny, it looks like a duck’s head, or the intimation of a duck’s head, is emerging from the inky pinky murk and whispering ideas to these fish. Giving them ideas from the world above the water? Ducks, in their migrations, probably hear a variety of languages that might come in handy for cosmopolitan fish. Have to be aw to get directions or find fast good while you’re migrating. I’ll bet the fish soak it all up.

    • niya christine November 13, 2013   Reply →

      A duck’s head in the waterbed. Tee hee. Pink is a gossip, you are so right. The fish do soak up all that duck wisdom. Ducks are risk takers after all. More than the fishies. ; )

  • Nicki Chen November 13, 2013   Reply →

    I like the water–all those shades of red, orange, pink and yellow–although I don’t know what it means. Perhaps a light at the bottom of the pond. The yellow fish balances so nicely with the yellow on the right. I like the little green fish swimming beside its mom.

    • niya christine November 13, 2013   Reply →

      Thank you so much Nicki! I giggled when I read, “although I don’t know what it means.” I think if I knew what any of it meant as a deliberation I’d never paint. ; )
      Cool that you noticed the baby fish. I wondered if anyone would. Good eye.

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