Russian Bear with Attitude

Copyright. 2014. Niya Christine

Russian Bear. Fairy Tales Study.

I’m enjoying Carla Sonheim’s “Year of the Fairy Tale” study. This is the Russian bear from “The Frog Princess.” We are doing 3 spot illustrations this month. I think I broke the assignment with this full page scene. I’m learning how to add pastel to mixed media-collage and watercolor.

This is the scene when the Prince is seeking the needle in the egg that will bring his frog Princess back and meets the bear. The bear talks him out of killing him (in a “lighten up dude” sort of way) because the Prince will need the bear later. And he certainly does. I personally like his Harley Davidson heart with wings.

UPDATE: I am now selling original 2014 paintings as I paint them in the shop, here. The 2013 calendar of all paintings is available now as well!

Creative Space Design, Part 2 — Zorba & Buddha

ZORBA & BUDDHA: Self knowledge to Decor.

Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 11.44.35 AM


This one will take you back to Greece with me, when… in a squabble with my boyfriend I accidentally ended up in a room with a very interesting woman who helped me learn something out about my true nature. This revolutionized my approach to designing a more truthful creative space. When you have that, well… it’s really difficult not to be on fire in every aspect of your life.

* This is part 2 of a 3 part essay series on “Designing Your Creative Space.”

Part 1: Conditions of Genius

Part 2: Self Knowledge to Decor

Part 3: It’s a surprise.

Alison Gresik Interview: Hours for Art

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Alison Gresik did such a fine job with this interview. I wanted to share. And if you can’t read this… here are some of her tweets:

“Things grew out of the creative practice that balanced fears & exhaustion.” @niyachristine on 365 Paintings project 

“How about some Russian Caravan tea with real cream and gobs of honey?” How @niyachristine coaxes herself to paint ~ 

“I was mostly managing my days vs. building my dreams.” @niyachristine on the genesis of her 365 Paintings project. 

Creative Space Design – Part 1: Conditions for Genius

This is the first of 3 essays coming to you on designing your creative space. This essay relates to health and lifestyle as a powerful aspect in designing creative space. In that, our bodies and relationships are intricately connected to creativity.

This is the story of my greatest mentor. A master watercolorist—an old Japanese man who took me under his wing, starved me, ignored me, made my walking legs very strong and brought me to a certain grace about it all… that keeps me warm today.  Click on the image to download the PDF. 

by Niya Christine