#270/365 Paintings

I think the little dog on the right is a bit overwhelmed by the task ahead to mentor this puppy with the much too blue—too big ears. However… the puppy does has the puppy dog eyes thing down. Easy to see who will get his way.

Those dogs & doors – how they make stories!


Dogs are the pig pen — magnets of new stories. They really can’t help it. And I look forward to what they might have to say in the paintings this month. They also have a serious obsession with doors — especially closed ones. The only one they are at peace with is the doggie door and how as it hits their tail on the way out.

Doors also have that story-pig-pen thing going on. You enter a city, there are doors everywhere you look. If it’s an old city, the stories grow backwards into history and then forward again millions of times with each passing human. The color, materials, architecture of each door… what it holds in and what it keeps out when locked. The expectations of a door is large. It has a big job to do. But so does a dog.

Dogs open hearts.

Doors open journeys.

Dogs are super emotional.

Doors… not so much.

Both have shape, story, color inventions and tensions that will make for a fun month for your story painter.

By the way, I have 96 paintings to do to finish this fun and crazy project.



Note: The painting above is not a 365 painting but an introduction painting. It is owned by some super folks in Portland, Oregon, Mark and Tanya. It’s based on a story I observed in the South of France about a dog looking for love and sniffed out every door on the way.

A New Start


#269/365 Paintings

Yes, yes, yes! A new start. And fall is wonderful time for it.


These 8 paintings conclude September’s Quirks & Curiosities. It was big fun for me. I hope for you too. Scroll down to see all 8 paintings. See if your story fits.

For new subscribers, I don’t post on weekends, so there are many posts at the end. Have a great Monday and I’ll see you October 1 for Dogs & Doors.