You’ve probably figured it out by now. Dakota the bunny–well, he’s kind of an asshole. And, I say this with the most adoring glance his way as he glares at me for giving him a time-out. He was nipping and lunging at his mate, Caila when I came around to give them carrots.

He doesn’t realize that his characters defects are bad. He’s just a bit of a sociopath (and I have experience with men of this nature). I couldn’t get him to stop peeing on me when he was a baby. As far as he was concerned I was the most important territory in the world to claim. And now with Caila, his girl he’s still claiming, but only when I come into their bunny house to attend to them.

It’s like one of the business meetings I have with the executives where I work. When someone comes around that one of them wants to impress they subtly or not so subtly try to destroy the other in front of them. Dakota seems to be saying to Caila “She’s mine!” But as soon as I turn my back he starts kissing on her. Not in apology but in a clear declaration “you’re mine too”.

He knows I’m crazy about him, can’t live without him and makes no apologies for how he milks it!

Because for how tough, inconsiderate, selfish, possessive and bossy he can be, when I pick him up and hold him like a baby, he quickly assumes the position: feet straight up, head back, mouth slightly open in unabashed ‘bliss’ (and this is before I pet him). He expects it.

She on the other hand, legs up high and kicking, looks at me like: “What are you? a Lesbo?”

She’s very independent. Except when it comes to him. Sometimes I have to speak very loudly to cut through the co-dependent air between them. It’s kind of embarrassing as a female to watch her grovel at his feet and take his shit. She’s even bigger than him. Maybe he has short man’s complex.

I wonder what he’ll do when I get a dog. I’ll probably find him on his haunches, ears up, looking at all 70 lbs of the beast like he could be smoking a cigar, while stomping on the dog’s head.

He’s pretty good for a 4.5 lb narcissist though. He gives as good as he gets.



  • Ben on Jun 01, 2006 Reply

    WHOA…”Typical male”…I’ve never..ever..peed on a female. Okay maybe a guy once or twice, but raised by three women this was considered inappropriate behavior in our home. Let’s not be sexist ladies. I’ve purred from time to time because it felt good; laid claims to territory because it’s in my DNA, and my character defects are on display, and owned by moi. SHeeesh Dakota, cummon dawg,get it down,grock the mock and lay down that spice like no other spread you’ve found.

  • Sage on May 29, 2006 Reply

    I guess you just can’t judge a narcissist by its cover, can you? They come in all shapes, sizes and species. Of course, being one of Dakota’s harem of groveling babes, I’m in no position to complain..

  • NursePam on May 28, 2006 Reply

    LOL! What a character. I would teach the soon to be dog to avoid the rabbit ;^)

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