Odis the Dog

#219/365 Paintings

#219/365 Paintings

Odis is a deep thinker with a sense of irony. The other dogs think he’s a bit of a sad sack — that he’d be happier if he behaved more like a normal dog. Odis doesn’t think that peeing on the same tree day after day makes him normal. In fact, consider how the tree feels, he’d say to them. Odis wants everyone to know that he is not Asian, he is not a cousin of Blue Dog and those aren’t spikes on his collar. Odis is simply Odis. A quirky, observer with a keen interest in children. A protector of gold fish and small, defenseless creatures. He’s his own dog — a blue lump of love.

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  • WM Rine August 14, 2013   Reply →

    I want Odis as a traveling buddy. I have a feeling he’d have interesting observations about wherever we went, whether city or prairie or the shores of Lake Superior. Let me know when he’s ready to travel.

    • niya christine August 18, 2013   Reply →

      Odis agrees with you. He would have lots to say about the city, prairie, lakes and the trees, rocks and birds as well. He’s all in. His dance card is full until November 18. I hope that’s okay with you. ; )

  • Lynn August 14, 2013   Reply →

    Odis is imperfectly perfect in the character that u have painted in to him. Your discription of his lumpish
    love is an ode to him and the impish Muse that ran inspiration all the way through your hands. Sweet. Plus when comes to art, Blue Dog is kind of a commercialized breed….Otis is not and does not eat goldfish.

    • niya christine August 18, 2013   Reply →

      Ha ha.. Odis loves your description of him and is flattered by your description of blue dog. He knows he’s different but is super delighted when people notice.

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