November is Fish Fabulous!


When I was hillbilly, tomboy, girl – about 12 years old, I would go fishing with my brother at our creek in the backyard in Northern Ca. I felt pretty enlightened when I strung up the worms on the hook because I was the type to build mud houses for fire ants to protect them. The worm thing made me seem serious to my brother. And a serious fisher-woman would catch a fish right? Nada. Standing right next to him, I’d watch him catch fish after fish. I never caught one. Several years later as I studied the intricacies of fish at the aquarium, I fell in love – serious opera in motion. It’s a good thing I never caught a fish, I kind of am one. Later in life, I became a swimmer and learned a bit of deep sea diving and painted fish whenever I could. Catching that fish likely would have been traumatic. I’m sure I would have been a wimp and thrown it back in. I might have stitched up it’s mouth first.

I’ve never been able to fully capture the beauty, color and emotional water world of sea-life. But I’ve lusted for that feeling of expressing just a sliver of it. So I’ll have 30 tries this month. I look forward to it. Oh, and when I tried to do the duo title like Fish and Water or Fish and Fireflies or Fish and Flora it seemed silly–ubiquitous. There isn’t one thing I could juxtapose that shared the equanimity of fish. Everything around the fish just contributes to it’s color and motion-they are center stage. So it’s Fish Fabulous. I might even pull out a bit of silk for this one.

A few things:

  • For new subscribers: I don’t post on the weekends, so you’ll see a bunch of the posts come in at the end of the month.
  • The doggies were tons of fun! The print sales donation goes to Hope for Paws. Thank you Tamara Greenleaf for the tip off to them. What a truly special rescue.
  • I’m taking a class in November while painting the fishes… with Diane Culhane. Though it’s called Table Top drawings, I’ll be using the exercises to learn new materials and techniques to add a bit more creative interest and learning to this month’s dailies.
  • An article I wrote about this project—it’s inception and why I committed to it published this week, “Becoming an Archeologist of Joy.”  Here is the editor’s summary:

    “At what point does art become just another form of work and drudgery that sucks all the fun out of its creation? This week we turn the Skinny Artist keyboard over to guest author Niya Christine who one day discovered that her own joy molecules had become gummed up. So she began searching for ways to revive them and find that elusive intersection where art and happiness collide. I hope you enjoy it!” ~ Drew  Check it out at Skinny, NYC creative group/mag. 

Okie dokie, I think that’s it. I look forward to playing in the water with you this month. I just love my subscribers. So fun, supportive and full of life. Thank you for your energy!


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  • Dale Favier October 31, 2013   Reply →

    Oh, looking forward to Niya-fish!

    • niya christine November 2, 2013   Reply →

      Thank you Dale. I’m ecstatic about it.

  • kathy November 1, 2013   Reply →

    Fabulous fish, indeed.

    Loved the article at Skinny. I remember being in Seattle last November and seeing your watercolors, especially the bunny on the bike. I can’t believe that a year has gone by. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving this year; you are welcome to come to Sonoma County with us.

    • niya christine November 2, 2013   Reply →

      Kathy.. SO GREAT to hear from you. Of course I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately. You inspired so much in me a year ago and ongoing. But Seattle was a special experience – thanks to you. And I’m so glad you read the skinny article. I’m working on another article now about my LIVE Facebook adventure this past summer when I took the paintings on the road.
      Thank you so much for the Turkey Day invite. What an honor. I have plans for Portland this year, but I’d love to visit you in the near future somehow. So I’ll be thinking about how to do that with everything else in the mix right now.
      Love, N

  • kathy November 2, 2013   Reply →

    Seattle was special last year in so many ways. We’ll meet up again sometime.

  • Verna Wilder November 4, 2013   Reply →

    Love the fish! Wow. So happy you didn’t resort to images of autumn. I’ve got those out my window – but fish! Oh so beautiful!

    • niya christine November 14, 2013   Reply →

      Thank you Verna. SO, so glad you are here.

  • Darlene November 14, 2013   Reply →

    Just read your article on the Skinny Artist site. Great Job!

    • niya christine November 14, 2013   Reply →

      Darlene, nice to meet you. Love your blog. Very inspiring. And so excited you read and like the article. I have more coming, this project has been profound. Thank you.

    • niya christine November 25, 2013   Reply →

      Thank you so much Darlene!

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