Authentic Chinese Noodle Pulling


#171/365 Paintings

I know, I know, it looks like a plate of worms. You see… that’s the thing about doing a painting a day, what it looks like is besides the point. ; )

So, in this case, I will just have to tell you the story of the noodles that I saw made without a machine or knives of any kind. My friends treated me to an authentic Chinese dinner for my birthday in Alameda. Before the meal we saw a very magical demo of how fresh noodles are made. None of us could figure out how the noodles came out so perfect. How did he do it with his hands? It looked like braiding dough, while his fingers pulled the noodles in Origami-style motions—like unfolding paper into pasta. We saw the noodles become as thin as angel hair at one point. Twenty minutes later we were eating them. Unbelievably fresh. My first experience ever. Lovin’ the food adventures in the Bay Area. Thank you Cynthia!


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