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Art on The Walls Exhibit

The Boulder Co. Arts Alliance completed the juried selections for the 2007 selected artists. I’ve been chosen as a featured artist to exhibit ‘The Girl Series’ for the month of May. Boulder County features a local artist at Barnes & Noble every month for The Art on The Walls Series.
However, I have 48 linear feet of wall space to cover. So, all other things put aside, it’s time to paint, paint, paint!

The Artist Reception is: May 1, 5:30-7pm.

On another note, I recently met the people who make it all happen at the BCAA at The Black Cat Restaurant opening. Not only was the Morgan Chardonnay out of this world, but I had a strong feeling that the wine spinning around in my head didn’t make these people anymore interesting. It’s a wonderful organization, full of energy and alacrity. I’m very honored and excited to be a part of it in my first year in Boulder. So, come if you can to Art on the Walls! You may even meet Dakota in his best fur.

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  • Brooke on Jun 07, 2012 Reply

    This site has got lots of very helpful stuff on it! Thanks for informing me.

  • Kelly Robbins on Nov 06, 2006 Reply

    Congratulations Niya. THAT is a lot of space to paint. I hope you have fun with it!

  • Liz on Nov 05, 2006 Reply

    hurray… and all other such accolades

  • Verna Wilder on Nov 05, 2006 Reply

    I’ll be there! Damn, I have to wait until May. I love your work, Niya, and am really looking forward to seeing it live (as opposed to online). Way to go, girl!

  • David B. Leikam on Nov 05, 2006 Reply

    YEAH! Great news and good to hear you’re smoozing into the local scene well. I look forward to meeting Dakota in-person too. Hugs & Kisses … See you in May, if not sooner! 🙂
    Now, get back to painting, DAMN IT! 😉

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