Night, Night Jack

By Niya Christine. Copyright

#125/365 Paintings

Jack got his name, “Night, Night” due to how his speed at night leaves a double vision imprint on anyone who happens to catch a glimpse. Jack is not only a fast runner, racer and dodger of dangerous, obnoxious animals trying to eat him, but he’s witty as well. He’s a fast talker, so it’s easy to miss it. Jack has no problem with false modesty. He’s just about the coolest dude in the forest and by the look in his eye, he’s ready for any challenge — even amused that we might try.


I have a friend like this. I do a double take when he talks. I’ve learned over the years to listen carefully because when I miss what he says, I miss a lot. So this post/painting is dedicated to you Mark O’leavey.


Project notes: Another finger painting. Ah… it’s good to get back to my old habits.

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