Newfie in Zanzibar, Africa


#283/365 Paintings

I thought it would be fun to find a happy Newfoundland in Zanzibar. I’m sure there are many surprises in Zanzibar – but this is at the top of my bucket list.

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Newfie is my next dog by the by…

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  • WM Rine October 19, 2013  

    Newfies are great in the imagination where you remember their sweetness and friendliness and forget their drool.

    This guy looks pretty happy and sun-bleached. Taking a vacation before going back to work in the cold ponds for the fall, although he’s so happy he might retire from ducks or whatever other cold tasks they make newfies do.

    • niya christine October 23, 2013  

      I always forget about the drool. I dunno, I guess stuff like that doesn’t bother me too much. Love is love. ; )