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National Novel Writing Month Winner

National Novel Writing Month Winner

Thanksgiving was rudely interrupted by my competitive nature. I raced home on Saturday for an uninterrupted, Peets coffee filled 7 hour writing marathon on Sunday. My friends in Portland offered Peets coffee and comfort galore. But I know me around friends. I want to play. So I put myself in my beautiful home writing studio prison and didn’t stop typing except for food, coffee and the Jane. By dinnertime, I was able to validate the 50k and some change word count through and would have done a happy dance as I watched the video of the people from the Office of Light and Letters clap (we all love that video) but my butt was numb, my brain resembled fried styrofoam…

…So I just sat there, stared out the window and tried not to think of how absolutely nuts the last three chapters of the novel were. This novel could have ended at 45k word count, so I had my characters running around at the bottom of the Ouray Caves in some version of Indiana Jones gone Star Wars in a Fellini Circus escapade. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the courage to read it. I will tell you it was really fun. Why is it the most embarrassing things are really fun?

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