Nancy Froeschle: Edwin and Maudey


#346/365 Paintings

An excerpt from Edwin and Maudey, a short film written by Nancy Froeschle.

Would you do it all again?

Edwin smiles at her. Takes her hand in his and kisses it.
Both seem a little drowsy.

You bet your boots I would.

Maudey’s eyes tear up a little.

I’m going to miss you. I’m going to
miss you, my sweetheart.

Edwin nods. All his love for his wife is contained in his

I’ve got you, Maudey – For always.

Sleepy, they both lean back in their rockers. Keep watch over
each other until their eyes close. Eventually the chairs stop


Do you know how challenging it is to concentrate on art with tears? This is a seriously beautiful short film. When Nancy shared this script idea that soon after became a short film, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. And when I got a sneak preview I was even more deeply in the story. What a life, what a story, what an ending! Beautiful.




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  • WM Rine December 13, 2013  

    I want to see this! Or at least read the rest of it, especially after what you pulled together, Niya, all the little images and textures. I want to gently pull back the page and see the rest.

    • niya christine December 14, 2013  

      I did see it produced. And it’s just lovely. Nancy is an award winning screenwriter. Her delicate precision and emotional landscapes are breathtaking. We just might see this one on the big screen in the near future. I’ll be buying advance tickets.