My Whale


#313/365 Paintings

So possessive… me and my whale! Well, when I was in Kauai HI some years back I had an experience meeting my whale. I was woken by the sounds of whales singing loudly close by. It was the deepest sound/harmonic sound I’ve ever heard. I stayed awake to hear all that I could that night. And I knew I’d paint her someday.

Also, I was reminded of the beauty of whales today as I viewed the photography of Don Baccus, nature photographer (amongst other things). Just amazing what he captures. I encourage to check out his FB page.

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  • WM Rine November 21, 2013   Reply →

    Your whale looks as though she spent some time in New Mexico this summer. She has that Santa Fe feel. Little do we know there are currents of water that run magically inland, allowing whales to see more of our world than we see of theirs. You just have to know the song to sing to get the earth to open.

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