Mr. Omniscient


#315/365 Paintings

Mr. Omniscient: I’m everywhere. In your child’s crayons, the first fish fossil ever atomized, Hemingway’s first image of ‘Fish’ — curtain patterns, IKEA patterns on cool cup coasters. I’m the fish you never catch because I’m so fast. I’m the original master of all fish schools. I taught them everything they know. I also love my mother. And she’s a bit embarrassed right now because of my egoism. But look at me. Can I help it? I think not.


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One comment

  • WM Rine November 25, 2013  

    Something in his expression reminds me of Totoro in the Miyazaki movie “My Neighbor Totoro.” He’s friendly looking and provides kindly things for Satsuki and Mei. He’s very calm and smiling. But on the rare occasions when he talks, it comes out in a roar. This fish seems very generous and placid but I would bet he’s got some sounds to rival a whale. If you make him.