507 Year Old Clam and a Barking Snail


312/365 Paintings

This is how I imagine Ming the clam  lived before researchers meddled. The snail takes her job seriously. As innocent and peaceful as the fish on the right look, she’s ready to defend the oldest living animal in the world. At least she was, until forces larger than herself took over.

Thank you WM Rine for bringing this to my attention. I generally can’t accommodate requests, but this one tugged too hard on my heart strings.

REQUEST: “Your fish have been enlivening my mailbox each day this month. Before we’re done with the month, I’d like to make a request for your lovely art on behalf of Ming the clam, who, until some researchers got to poking around it to see how old it was, was the oldest living animal on earth. I’m sure your magic would make this less upsetting.”

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  • WM Rine November 19, 2013  

    Oh, that is even more beautiful and harmonious than I’d have imagined. (And of course that is why your art is so indelible.) This makes it look as if Ming (and the snail) are sitting in the ocean’s jewelry box. They ARE the ocean’s jewelry box. This is really a great tribute.

    • niya christine November 20, 2013  

      I really enjoyed this one. Thank you so much for that piece of information. I had no idea. The ocean’s jewelry box is a great title for this I think.

  • Shauri November 21, 2013  

    I might have to have a print of this tribute to Ming. I was so sad when I heard that news story and this painting is the most beautiful of all this month. Thanks for honoring Ming!

    • niya christine November 24, 2013  

      Thank you Shauri. I really felt it too as I painted this. Your print is coming soon.