May: Bunnies & Bicycles, Oh My!



Goodbye Cows & Canaries and Hello Bunnies & Bicycles.

Okay, that was a rush. Something about bovine nature contrasted with the high trill of canaries in springtime made me wake up in the morning wanting to run not walk to the studio. I was surprised and delighted by the response to “Inner Cow” — so many could relate.

Bunnies and bicycles has the same promise of juxtaposition of nature and character — the rabbit’s wit and bike’s charm. They both go fast and have great relationships with the ground. I also fell in love with bikes and rabbits at the same time at age 9. I have a great mountain bike and 4 quirky, funny, loving rabbits at home. Looking forward to the trouble I can get into with these next paintings.

As we transition into the next month’s theme, I want to address a few questions that have come up this past month from new subscribers and folks in general.

Print shop: The print shop a bonus offer for folks who just have to buy-the-painting-now. The original paintings aren’t for sale until early next year. It’s also very nice for donations and funds my art supplies which is wonderful.

Big picture: Goals: Scouting for a gallery (with lots of wall space) for the end of year exhibit. Or a shabby warehouse would be just fine (I enjoy fixer uppers). I’m hoping to provide a limited edition preview of the book at the exhibit in January. I’ll be dragging my friends around to chat with galleries in S.F. in June.

The subscription platform is intended to be a marketing free space. I envisioned us all enjoying a bit of color in that sweet time between waking and breakfast. I keep it sparse and the post stories short for that reason. Don’t we need a space that isn’t deluged with market speak? The most you’ll get from me is hopefully good news bits in between themes, because you are part of the journey.

Donations: I donate monthly from any print sales to an animal rescue. This month’s donation went out to Wonderland Rabbit Rescue in Michigan. May donation goes to: Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. They rescue mixed breed dogs from euthanasia. And when I get my big ol’ dog, I’m going to them.

Facebook page: I created a FB page for the group of art lovers there. It’s not as consistent as the subscriber posts and I don’t post the stories. I also enjoy the benefit of connecting and  being with the communities of artists and writers there as well.

Gallery page. How to see and scroll through all the paintings at once? The print shop is the best place to see them at a glance.

To see any of the monthly archives, rollover Project 365 in the navigation bar of the website. They are listed by the month.

Related articles. Why I’m doing this and tips for you, if you want to start something for yourself.

Favorite comment “I am gobsmacked, every time, by what you do with color” Dale Favier (Gobsmacked in now my most fav. word in the world).

April painting dedication: “Canary Fashion Bazaar” to Carolyn Maso.

June Theme is Food & Wine in San Francisco. I plan to do A LOT of research.


Again, I am overwhelmed by the continuous energy and generosity of everyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Cheers to a colorful and eventful May on all levels for everyone.



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  • Shelley Poston May 9, 2013  

    did see the cover pic of small tan bunny on red bike seat of large bike with green wheel in your prints for sale. Is it for sale somewhere? Love your work! ==:9)

    • niya christine May 9, 2013  

      Shelley. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. It was an oversight. It is there now. Thank you again.