Little People Love…

Watercolor by Niya Christine. Copyright

#37/365 Paintings

Does it start young? Or is it just universal? As organic as a puppy to a willing lap or a rabbit to anything carrot? Love seems to have it’s own force and character. I like it. I’ll keep it around and invite it to remember young moments like this.


Project notes: Do you think I might be enjoying this month’s theme a bit? Oh yeah! I’m all over it. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s painting. The paintings are habituating to 20-30 minutes again. Yay!


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  • WM Rine February 6, 2013   Reply →

    This is lovely. You got the kissing, the arms, the faces, just right.

    Or, as my children would say, when they see a scene like this (most recently watching the old film “A Little Romance,” Diane Lane’s first movie from the 1970s, with two kids falling in love in France and Italy), “Snog alert! Snog alert!” And they pretend to avert their eyes.

    So, we’re 1/10 of the way through the year now. Feeling good? You should — what an amazing body of work you’ve done already, with 90 percent still ahead.

  • niya christine February 7, 2013   Reply →

    Thank you. I’m so glad I got the most important gesture right. ; )
    Ha ha… Snog Alert cracks me up.

    We are 1/10th through. Amazing, isn’t it? Congrats to you – love your writing. But you already knew that.

  • kathy February 7, 2013   Reply →

    Awww – so cute. Love the hand on the face; children offer love full on, without holding anything back.

    I am so impressed and inspired by your work, both the writings and paintings.

    I would love to read VM’s writing. I love her (?) comments here.

  • niya christine February 7, 2013   Reply →

    Kathy, Thank you so much for your kind comments. And, oh yes, WM’s work is amazing. Here are his 365 writings (link below). There is a strong sense of the midwest, prairie lands and North America that comes through his character voices. You might really love it. I get his writings daily in my email box.

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