Let Your Ideas Fly!


#259/365 Paintings

When this bird was born with a black wing, the elder birds put him on worm duty. His wings weren’t sky worthy, they said.

At first he was happy to hunt worms. The worms didn’t say anything about his wings. They gave their lives in an unflappable manner. They were gray.

Then one day he looked up and saw the most amazing thing he’d ever seen–a small airplane (looked huge to him) with black wings. He decided then and there to follow and learn what large metal birds that look him do. As he traveled the world he was delighted to see other birds like him. They lived in other places. Not his homeland (which is why he looked odd to his bird family). Soon enough, he learned sky flips, turns, cartwheels and produced a following of learners. The art of flying became his signature in the sky. And all because one day he had the idea… what if I followed that big metal bird? What would I learn about me–about life?

Fly baby fly!

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