Lazy Lounge Chair Coffee Beans

"Lazy Lounge Chair Coffee Beans" Watercolor (365) by Niya Christine

#1/365 paintings per day

Sometimes I wonder if the charm of coffee is that at the base of everything they are kind of lazy? They hang out on a tree in a tropical climate all their lives. Someone picks them and they become world travelers for a time… before we grind them to bits. Maybe they only get hyper from consumption. Maybe they miss their lazy lives.


Did I tell you how nervous and excited I am about painting every day? So excited I woke up at 3 a.m. ready to paint for January 1 2013. Seriously though, I need to work on light source in my next painting. Which is tomorrow. YAY!

ps: This painting’s base layer is a fine blend of Peet’s Sulawesi and Columbian. You can’t beat the Umber color or the coffee smell!

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  • Carolyn Maso January 1, 2013  

    Today I celebrate the laziness of coffee so that I may have additional energy to begin my day! I also celebrate the creative Niya Christine to provide entertainment and art in my life… you go girl! Happy New Year and a painting per day! xoxo

  • niya christine January 1, 2013  

    Carolyn. I totally support coffee time laziness – it’s the best part of the day in my opinion and you do such creative and wonderful things with your day… so you go too! Also, as I change up the routine from journal writing to journal painting my coffee tastes that much better!

  • Monica Johnson January 2, 2013  

    Thank you for sharing your talent and humor to make life brighter. I’m lazily enjoying my coffee right now!

  • niya christine January 2, 2013  

    Oh I’m so glad to hear that you are lazily enjoying your coffee. Such an important part of the day. I remember being surprised when my acupuncturist said to me: “You are one of the rare ones that coffee is good for—it grounds you.” So true. But I stick to one cup per day.
    ps: I’m delighted you stopped by. You have certainly made my life brighter. I’m happy I was able to return a smidgen of it back.