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Lavender + Wildflower Honey Crème Brulèe

The Girl and the Fig.

The artwork alone makes you want to try everything. I went in for a salad and walked out with a salad, bread and fig jam, fig lotion, more jam and a cookbook that I can’t keep my face out of. The staff was all too happy to chat with me about ‘whatever’ even though they were super busy. I wanted them to adopt me, take me home, give me a bed to sleep on and serve me Crème Brulee.

I took my food in boxes to the park to bask in the sun having arrived from a cold winter in Boulder Co. After lunch I fell asleep in the grass. It was like a dream. I woke up with red tail hawks flying above and the view of a man in a convertible mini reading a book. Coming from Boulder, a place where there is lots of mental and physical space, I had forgotten that people sneak away to parks often in the Bay Area for an ample slice of non-demanding privacy.

Somehow in this place of plenty, Sonoma CA, reading a cookbook instead of fiction is perfect. And today, as I make Creamy Polenta, Braised Chicken with Prunes and Olives, Lavender and Wildflower Honey Crème Brulee from my new cookbook, and assume a normal workday, I’ll be looking out my backyard at the bunny hut, a palm tree, a huge oak tree that seems to keep the Sonoma Creek safe and two baby redwood trees that Dakota goes a little nuts around when he smells them.

So, why leave Boulder and move to Sonoma? …maybe I couldn’t live without The Girl and the Fig Cookbook.



  • Rosemary Carstens on Feb 28, 2008 Reply

    Niya: It sounds so wonderful! I’m going to send an email to ask more questions. Keep up the blog–those of us still in the cold need a dose of California to brighten our days! xo Rosemary

  • Ben G. on Feb 17, 2008 Reply

    Well, so that’s what’s been going on. Figs=Nomad. Maybe it’s dates, or banana slugs on rewood trees. They love curly red-headed women in Sonoma. I know; I was once there and fell in love with one. But, alas, alack that was sooooo long ago. Anyway I’m glad your happy,and your body has been heared; write.
    Ben G.

  • Claire Walter on Feb 14, 2008 Reply

    Good luck in your (re)new(ed) home. Send us a CARE package full of fresh figs, and we’ll have everything that some of us need here in Colorado! 🙂

  • Claire Walter on Feb 14, 2008 Reply

    Good luck in your (re)new(ed) home. Send us a CARE package full of fresh figs, and we’ll have everything we need here!

  • Verna Wilder on Feb 14, 2008 Reply

    Niya, it sounds like you have come home! Good for you for knowing you needed figs, for knowing that in your body before figs even came into your mind. I know you will savor every little bit of your life in Sonoma, as you did here in Boulder for your brief time with us. I like thinking of you sleeping in tall grass, blue sky overhead, red hawks . . .

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