Koi Love II


#301/365 Paintings

Listening to Mozart and drinking a good glass of Chardonnay after a cold, difficult mountain bike ride helps me find my fish painting superhero.

Oh, and… can you find the froggie in this one? It’s not easy. Let me know in the comments section if you need a hint. Don’t be embarrassed. It’s really not easy to find him.

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  • Dave November 5, 2013   Reply →

    HI “X”,
    Bug eyes in the martini glass or is there another one? Really like your colors, we are getting cold weather, no snow yet but soon.

  • Lisha November 5, 2013   Reply →

    I am in LOVE with these koi paintings! The colors are so brilliant and beautiful….I might have to order the prints soon!

    And yes, I found froggie almost immediately 🙂

  • Chrysta November 5, 2013   Reply →

    Love this painting! The little froggie seems happy in its hiding spot. 🙂

  • niya christine November 5, 2013   Reply →

    You all are just too good! I’ll have to hide the next amphibian with more cleverness!

  • WM Rine November 5, 2013   Reply →

    The koi look like they’re having a wild frolic. I can’t figure out whether froggy wants to join but isn’t so sure, or whether he’s looking out from where he was enjoying a fine nap until they started jostling his place around with their hubbub.

    They’re so pretty, though, I think he’s gonna come out.

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