Joe Disapproves

Rabbit Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#134/365 Paintings

Somewhere in the universe is a land where bored rabbits risk their lives on bicycles because it’s fun. Because as scared as rabbits are by nature there is an equal proportion of skill to overcome it. While the young rabbits fly on wheels on a dim moonlit night, another rabbit watches from afar. Let’s call him Joe Rabbit. Joe does not approve of this behavior. Joe, in fact, is curious that a rabbit could have any boredom at all. Rabbits, he likes to say are the most fecund creatures on the planet. There is always plenty to do with so many children—chores day and night. This boredom to bicycles activity is simply a waste of rabbit efficiency. No, no, no this won’t do. Joe shakes his head in disapproval and retreats to the place where old men rabbits like to chat about the silly behaviors of modern rabbits.

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  • WM Rine May 14, 2013  

    But Joe has a coat of beautiful colors and so wherever he goes people tolerate him. They put on their headphones and don’t listen to his complaints but he makes wonderful scenery to accompany the latest rabbit hits.

    Joe is at least smart enough to have picked the most beautiful spot to sit.

    On second thought … what kinds of headphones would a rabbit wear?

    • niya christine May 15, 2013  

      Ha ha… Joe would LOVE to know about those headphones. Perfect solution for our disapprover.