It Takes a Village


#243/365 Paintings

Well there are just those times in life when you need large gooberish looking creatures at your back to cross the muddy waters to your heart. At least our little purple dog with the striped ear looks more than ready for the task. Eager little guy.



Project notes: I watched a beautiful Nick Bantock video yesterday. “When you work with lots of materials, experimentation is the key. You can’t know ahead of time what it’s going to look like. In fact, it’s a huge advantage not to.”  I finally feel more comfortable discovering scenes like this after they are done vs. coming from an idea. It really changes the game.


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  • WM Rine September 5, 2013  

    The whole locale takes forms and looks alive, depending on how you look at it. A green bear. A giant brown sloth. A grey land-manatee. You can tell by their soft colors they are friendly. But then I look at them a different way and they just settle down into the landscape … a path, a field. I am going to go outside now and I think my green world is going to start talking to me. And I’m going to start talking to it before it yellows and browns for the winter.

    • niya christine September 5, 2013  

      You see the brown sloth! You rock William. ; )
      They are earth creatures bubbling up to help the little nervous pup. Thank you again. You always make me want to write a book with you.

      • WM Rine September 7, 2013  

        Someday, someday, the stars will align. I don’t doubt it. Especially if you keep supplying me with sloths and green bears.

        • niya christine September 8, 2013  

          … ahhhh ; )

  • Sherry Richert Belul September 5, 2013  

    Oh! Love this. I’m right with the previous reader … I am certain there are creatures waiting outside in the landscape ready to help me cross the waters … 🙂

    • niya christine September 5, 2013  

      Yes, yes they are Sherry. They told me so. ; )

  • Deborah Gavrin Frangquist September 8, 2013  

    I love this painting, and I love the Bantock quote, which I also take as a metaphor for life: We almost always work with “lots of materials,” and experimentation and then open-mindedly looking to see what shows really is key. Otherwise we are so likely to end up trying to control what is way outside our influence, while missing the good stuff right in front of us – like the wonderful large purple bird peering over the hillside.

    • niya christine September 8, 2013  

      Universal truths (that you articulate with such insight) often come with large purple birds. Nick Bantock is pure magic. I love him. Thank you Deborah for this beautiful comment. I’m so happy you are here.