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I met Katherine Dunn on Kickstarter. Her book, “Donkey Dream {A Love Story of Pie & Farm}” is one of the most charming inventive books I have ever encountered. I want you to know about her. I want you to be a part of this story.


Niya: I’m dying to hear anything you want to add about the talking barn and partying donkey. Who joins him? What is his favorite pie? Does the barn get annoyed by these parties? Does the barn just want some rest?

Katherine: {I love the imagination of this}

Pino and I are partners in imagination. The Old Barn is our protector as well as benefactor. Pino has no favorites. He loves food. But berry and apple are especially delicious to him or any donkey, and anything with graham in it. You have some very interesting questions, but as you can see in my paintings, there is usually a floating fence nearby-which is symbolic of boundaries. The Barn never caries a grudge, nor do the animals-however they can sense your inner core immediately and avoid those that are dangerous, overbearing.

Niya: Tell us about your pies. I know they are special. But what particularly delights you about the process? What are some sample recipe titles?

Katherine: Blackberry Pie for Theatrical Thinkers; Lemon Chess ie for Old Souls; Apple Pie for Dreams

The content of the baker’s heart is sealed in the crust. But it is the sharing of a pie, or a life, that makes love a verb-creating a catalyst for others to share and love.
I like working with the earth’s bounties too. I delight in taste and how a mixture of ingredients becomes a pie or cake.

Niya: I find your work very unique in that you integrate multi-disiplinary craftsmanship. Craftswomanship is what I meant. Story, mixed media, photography, digital illustration techniques, typography. It’s brilliant. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your capabilities? Or have you in the past? You make it look so effortless.

Katherine: As I age I am learning to focus, and this is frustrating at times as I see others painting and I get anxious to paint big or abstract again- but right now I have to focus on getting the book done. I work intensely-on whatever the project is. I play intensely too. It can be problematic, but it is how I am wired. The farm and all that goes with that is also a project-an ongoing one- and I had to learn that that it must be considered a project as it requires my energy, creative spirit and time. So I  like creating my own jobs on my timeline for that reason.

Niya: What’s your favorite pie recipe?


Katherine: Probably Chess Pie, or Walnut, or Buttermilk…you’ll have to wait for the book to see the recipes! They are written in a whimsical style, and readers will learnt the proper way to address a tree before harvesting its fruit, or learn that walnuts have a real sense of humor.

Niya: What’s your favorite Pino story?

Katherine: Oh, well I don’t know. It’s like picking a favorite parent. I do like his Bucket story.

Probably because Pino is gentle and optimistic in his stories. And he never has to do anything high and mighty, he does simple things that bring about good things, like helping an old bucket.



This concludes a peek into Katherine’s world of art and farm. I do hope you will visit her Kickstarter and pledge your butts off. It’s a wonderful project.


~ Katherine & Apifera ~

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