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Image Story #5 ~ Ghost Writer Dad

What you’re looking at here is my office. But to be clear, the water glass isn’t full of water (something better) and the red and white doilie thingie there… I never approved. Marriages have trade-offs. My work gets done between 2-5 a.m.  I attend to our infant twins and fact find for documentary filmmakers (one of those trade offs). You’re probably thinking I’m a middle-aged balding guy, with a pooch belly who gets pedicures man-style (ie. goes in for the pampering and never tells a soul) and wears a blue baseball cap that says “Team Agnostic” on the front. But nope. Not at all. I’m a young, hunky, steady kind of guy, I don’t mind saying it out loud. I’m not one for false modesty. I’m a behind the scenes guy right now.

I met my wife, Amy while at the University of Baltimore, Maryland. I was hell-bent on becoming an international journalist. She was studying textile design and husband finding strategies. She’s lovely, my wife. Salt of earth. And I knew her DNA from the get-go. Icelandic, hearty family. She’s one of a gang of triplets. We married at age twenty two, the rest is history.

I’m rather fond of my twilight hours. Though I never made it to Afghanistan — to the front lines and possibly to my end, I have the back of filmmakers who stake their very soul on the ethical promise to do for the public what the nightly news will never do. And knowing that my wife has guaranteed sleep every night after carrying and birthing the double trouble in there… well, that gives me a certain pride.

I’m a hunky ghost writer dad. Cool!

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