I Like You

Watercolor. I LIKE YOU. By Niya Christine. Copyright

#108/365 Paintings

She really does… like you. And her painter likes you too.


Project notes: Every month seems to bring about various moods. In the beginning it’s fun and exciting, flirting with the many subject matter possibilities in the new theme. Around mid-month I seem to find something that I need to paint over and over again. The wildflowers from last month, for instance. This month, it’s the colorful cows with big eyes (sketched from black and white photos). So expect a few more of these. Also, welcome to new subscribers recently. So happy to have you for our morning art and coffee communion.

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  • Sydney April 18, 2013  

    You paint because you are tapped into your source of inspiration. Whether it be cows or canaries or wild flowers…

    Paint on.



    • niya christine April 18, 2013  

      Hello Sydney.
      Welcome! And thank you for the insight. Nice!
      My observation about the various moods has to do with the fact that I choose a new theme every month and notice that around mid-month I get obsessive about some pattern of subject matter or medium that is working “within the theme” — last month’s theme was Fabric and Flowers — March winds, kites and new flowers coming up for spring. So, that’s what I was talking about. If you’re new to the site, that may not have made sense. Thanks again! Have a wonderful day.

  • Dale Favier April 18, 2013  

    I love the crookedness of this, how it conveys the unsteadiness of a young animal! And again, those confiding eyes. 🙂