#275/365 Paintings

The folks in these houses keep their doors shut very tightly when the wolves are out and about.

Sometimes doors and dogs aren’t friends at all. But still, I feel for the wolves with their relentlessly snow cold feet and hungry tummies. They are creative survivors who as little pups likely would have licked your face — just happy to be alive.


Project notes: Tomorrow is a special day. My 7×4 foot art table is being delivered. It’s made from solid maple by an artist/craftsman. I can’t wait to see it. Now the fun really begins.

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  • Dave October 9, 2013   Reply →

    NICE—–Our coyotes were close by and howling into the night. It’s the begining of hunting season for bow and arrow and they must have come across the remains after the hunters gutting.

    • niya christine October 9, 2013   Reply →

      Wow…that’s a savage image Dave. You are really really really out there in nature!

  • wmrine October 9, 2013   Reply →

    The Ojibwe say that long ago wolf and man were traveling companions, when they could be. Later, wolf gave people the dog, a kind of tame version who could live in more constant proximity.

    When I look at this I see that wolf — a friend, but one whose being means they can’t quite live under the roof. And they frighten us, because they would attack and consume our domestic animals. This is part of their wildness, but they mean no harm. It’s part of the lesson of what a friend truly is.

    • niya christine October 9, 2013   Reply →

      Yes, I agree… it’s what a friend truly is. They are of their nature. Thank you for sharing this WM!

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