Hot Air Balloons Galore {backwards birds}

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#81/365 Paintings

Well now, I think even the birds got caught up in the whoosh of air flying as I painted this. It started out innocently enough. The thought to just play and take a break from the intense concentration of previous weeks in class. And then suddenly the paint is flying. And behold, the veritable mess. Poor little birdies, they have to learn to fly upside down in this painting. Fun painting session though.


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  • WM Rine March 22, 2013  

    They look as if they were once flowers who wished themselves so hard out of the hard winter ground they burst open so big and so fixed on the sky they just kept going and blossomed into the air as balloons.

    Hardly a mess at all, although it looks like a traffic jam in the sky, a tangle of happy balloons and birds and anything with enough lightness and cheer to reach for the sky. No, that’s the jam you want to be in a Friday morning.

    • niya christine March 22, 2013  

      What an amazing and imaginative take on my splashes of wild paint. How cool. I had about 3 different children’s book ideas pop up as I read your wonderful interpretation. ; D

  • Chelsea May 25, 2014  

    Is this painting for sale?

    • niya christine May 26, 2014  

      It is available as a fine art print. If that interests you … do you have a size in mind? I have many sizes available.
      If the original is what you are after, all originals from the 365 paintings will be sold via exhibit for 365.00 a piece. They are 6 x 9 inches. The fine art prints are lovely and can be much larger or framed. But if you want the original, I’ll announce the gallery exhibit through my newsletter. The subscription box is on the homepage side bar. I hope that helps.