Hot Air Balloon, A Bird, A House, A Prairie

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#82/365 Paintings

I would imagine that houses every hundred years or so might want to go on walk about in the sky. Yesterday’s painting as Will so aptly put it was like a hot air balloon traffic jam. So true. Those houses must have been very excited for an adventure. And hot air balloons don’t have much of a reputation for self control. The two houses on the right hand side there? They are waiting their turn.

H A P P Y  S A T U R D A Y folks. Have a wonderful weekend. I have a couple of wood paintings coming your way next I’m excited about.

Project notes: This is from parts of another wild and crazy painting from this past week. And… well, I needed to have mercy on you (and me). This is a combination of that painting, a vintage stock photo and my digital kitchen {Photoshop}.


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  • WM Rine March 25, 2013   Reply →

    We were having internet connectivity issues when you posted this, so here’s a late comment. The North Dakota prairie was still hidden beneath a thick blanket of snow this weekend. Especially with the wind gusting, one could only imagine Spring coming to bring color like this. (When it gets really green, in early June, it’s such an achingly deep green, it makes the heart hurt for wanting to burst and lift, sorta like this balloon). But that turn of the seasons is always there, as a smarter and wiser Zen master might remind me, even when it’s hidden in winter bleak. As we drove along I kept this in mind, remembered all of the other seasons hidden, but only a little, beneath this one.

    At breakfast at our favorite cafe in Fargo, I showed this to my son and he gave it a thumbs-up. So two votes for this one.

    • niya March 25, 2013   Reply →

      Wow, two thumbs up. I’m so honored. You were in the real prairie’s this weekend. How cool is that?

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