Homage to Carrot


#175/365 Paintings

Every morning begins with Peet’s coffee for me and a big carrot with abundant parsley for the bunnies. This is big fun for all, believe me. How does a root in the ground become as sweet to them as chocolate pudding is to us? It turns out that originally the carrot was white rooted and used as an aphrodisiac and to prevent poisoning. Well no wonder those bunnies are so sweet and fecund. They are at root… the very essence of ‘carrot’ — pun intended. An homage to the great and almighty carrot.


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  • Brigid June 27, 2013   Reply →

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!! Missing you and wishing I had sound on my computer to hear the interview. I will try to find a computer with sound, soon. Meanwhile, love the paintings and story telling.

    • Niya June 27, 2013   Reply →

      You have a way of getting me all excited about this project all over again. Thank you!

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