Hippie Clothes On The Line

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#79/365 Paintings

Are you hearing the same song in your head as I am mine? “Free at last, free at last…” Maybe it’s just me, but growing up in a hippie family, it seemed that clothes and people were generally in different parts of the house, the day, the universe. The two didn’t play well together. I saw a lot of clothes on the line. Appropo for the fabric portion of our March showcase. ; D

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  • WM Rine March 21, 2013  

    I laughed when I read the part about clothes and people being in different parts of the house. I laughed again when I came back to it later.

    I love the airiness of this, the clothes seem to float off the page. I imagine a light spring breeze making these clothes float and fall. We used to play tag among the sheets on my mothers’ clothes line. Today in Minnesota the wind wasn’t springlike at all — the wind chill was down around -16F — but we’ve had some light snow and the skiing through the woods near where I live has been powdery soft and perfect, and so the mood is still light. One can always dress warmly. Fresh snow still makes my heart light, like this picture.

  • niya christine March 21, 2013  

    Awww, what would I do without your OH SO FASCINATING comments. I just love them. I learn new things every time. I would think that fresh snow would be very inspiring. As much as flowers or a fresh cup of coffee and new prose coming through the fingers!