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Hello again…!

“You don’t call, you don’t write!”

The neglect of Niya’s Place subscribers?… there’s no excuse. Sorry! This scrappy lil’ redhead has been wrestling down the world of publishing into distinguishable ‘clear as mud’ bits to get a couple of word piles into the world. But I’m back and excited to blog again.

Niya’s Place has expanded. Now an author platform, resource area for writers, illustrators, publishers. As well as, a home for my wacky, random blog articles about writing, authoring, drawing, rabbit schmoozing, food and story improvisation pieces. Many of the previous articles with ‘his majesty’ (we all know who I’m talking about) have followed along and now live in the ‘Dakota Rabbit’ area of the site. If you’d still like to receive this type of abuse, please stay on the subscribe list. The mailings will go out 3-5 times per month. But if you’d like to unsubscribe, I understand completely…things happen, tastes change etc.

Thank you all for your good work in the world and support of Niya’s Place. And please drop an email to me and tell me what’s up in your lives if you’d like to. I would love to hear!

– Niya and the macho rabbit who still makes all the females in the household melt!

ps: The first mailing didn’t reach 85% of subscribers. This is the second mailing. If this is a repeat, I apologize. Hopefully, this will reach all of you. Two more articles going out next week.

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